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Safety 24/7

Course Duration

2 Days Days


The two-day workshop, Safety 24/7, is designed to help continuously improve an organization’s safety performance by addressing the factors critical to building an incident-free culture, where individuals take personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of those around them.


The workshop is designed to:
  • Help participants recognize the important difference in “believing in safety” versus simply “complying with safety regulations” by:
  • Increasing their awareness of their own at-risk behaviors
  • Focusing their attention on their individual reasons for wanting to work safely both on and off the job
  • Examine the impact of an organization’s current safety culture and reinforce that cultures are created and perpetuated by what is demonstrated, rewarded, and tolerated by team members
  • Provide opportunities for participants to practice using a simple tool, Safety 24/7 Conversations, to give feedback to others on how their actions impact team safety
  • The workshop is highly “learn by doing” (experienced-based) to capitalize on participants’ production-oriented, “get the job done” strengths. It incorporates projects designed for participants to have ample opportunities to discuss, practice and apply the tools they are learning.
  • Experiential projects provide team members an opportunity to demonstrate their existing strengths as well as practice the new skills they are discussing.
  • Application projects ask participants to apply the information they are learning to specific work situations.

To help ensure the tools are utilized on their job, participants will be asked to plan how they will apply what they have learned to their day-to-day activities.

Module 1:
The Foundation for a Safety 24/7 Culture
  • Introduction and workshop purpose (focusing on expanding what we do right)
  • Steps of change

Module 2: Our Role in Creating a Safety 24/7 culture
  • Causes of injury … our at-risk behaviors
  • Safety is a choice
  • What is Culture?
  • Unwritten Rules of Culture
  • Levels of commitment to safety
  • Most injuries and incidents are the result of people’s natural risk tolerance

Module 3: Strengthening our Safety through Safety 24/7 Conversations
  • Feedback Challenges
  • Safety 24/7 conversation

Module 4: Each of us Lead Safety
  • Who Leads Safety?
  • Leaders create the environment where people want to do what needs to be done
  • Understanding our own personal leadership style and how it impacts safety

Module 5:
Communication… A key Element
  • Communicating in specific, behavior-based terms
  • The Communication Loop
  • Asking vs. Telling
  • Checking for understanding

Module 6: Our Behaviors Impact Safety
  • Old School-Bullet Proof behavior
  • Impact of old-school bullet proof behavior

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